1. This promo is open to all Cablelink CATV (Basic 495 and Basic Plus) subscribers.
  2. Watch any movies from the #Wanderlust Campaign of CinemaWorld at Ch 301 and Ch 54.
  3. Questions about the movie will be posted at Cablelink’s Facebook Page (@CablelinkTV).
  4. Participants must answer the question/s correctly for a chance to win the prize.
  5. Only one (1) account per entry will be valid.
  6. Promo will run from December 20-31, 2020.
  7. Ten (10) lucky winners will receive an SM Gift Card from CinemaWorld and Cablelink.
  8. Winners may claim the Gift Card at the nearest satellite office in their area together with One (1) Valid ID and Cablelink Bill.
  9. Submit your answer to the movie question by filling in the below details:
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